CBC Education history

CBC was incorporated in 2002.  From the onset, CBC espoused an integrative treatment model. Our agency first offered services to infants and children through our Infant Development Program.  Subsequently, the Floortime (FT) and Applied Behavior Services (ABA) programs followed.  In 2012, CBC launched an innovative Social Skills Training Program (SSTP) that is geared toward older school-aged children, teens and adults. Services are provided in various settings to address functional skills in the area of play, socialization, socio-emotional development, and adaptive skills and behaviors. When a client receives multiple services from CBC, they will benefit from a comprehensive team that is fully committed to collaborating with each other in order to reach their fullest potential.

Mission statement

CBC Education, Inc. (“CBC”) is committed to optimizing our client’s abilities through the provision of comprehensive services that addresses the major developmental domains.

Meet The
Executive Staff

Ruth Tello-Di Leva is CBC’s President and Executive Director. Ruth’s career has been dedicated to serving individuals across the lifespan.  In the 1990’s, Ruth worked as a Women’s Advocate at a local Southern California shelter for domestic violence survivors, where she learned to work effectively with families in crisis. In the mid-1990’s, Ruth’s focus turned to the Applied Behavior Analysis field, with emphasis in autism. In addition, she is a co-founder of the Latino Association for Behavior Analysis (LABA). She also co-authored the Autism Parent Education Program (APEP) curriculum that is currently used by select Southern California Regional Centers. Her knowledge in the ABA and autism fields comes from the years she served as a direct service provider, a program supervisor, a director of adult programs, and the director of behavior programs. Ruth has sharpened her training by attended conferences held by the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan, founder of the DIR/Floortime model, and Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of the Social Thinking model. Her dedication to education is evident by maintaining her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) status in good standing. Ruth is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in the field of Clinical Psychology.  She has been an orator at regional and national conferences, frequently presenting on topics relevant to the field of parent education, social skills, communication, autism, and education.

Elba Gomez-Serrano is the Clinical Coordinator of the Social Skills Training Program at CBC. She received her Master of Science degree in Counseling, with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from the California State University, Los Angeles, and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the UCLA. Elba has worked with children and their families in the school and home settings. She developed a passion for working with children with disabilities and this lead her to pursue a higher education in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. For 20 years, Elba has been effective in using her bilingual abilities in Spanish when working with underrepresented families in Southern California. Elba has supervised direct service providers. Later in her career, Elba had the opportunity to work with children ages 0-3, implementing Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and teaching parents this technique. Elba originally joined Familias First, our sister agency, in 2006 as a Clinical Coordinator of Behavior Programs. Elba worked on securing health insurance contracts when the Regional Centers transitioned ABA services to private health insurance and Medi-Cal health insurance plans. In 2014, Elba transitioned to CBC. She now oversees the Social Skills Training Program; an innovative program in the field. It incorporates important elements of the Social Thinking and DIR/Floortime models, as well as ABA interventions. Elba frequently attends conferences provided by Michelle Winner Garcia, the founder of the Social Thinking model, as well as other prominent professions in the autism field.

Kelly Lam received her Master of Arts Degree in Child Development; a degree which provides her the knowledge to develop treatment plans aimed at reaching the client’s fullest potential. In addition, she has been trained in the DIR/Floortime approach and ABA methodologies.  Kelly has taken classes from the DIR program developed by the late Dr. Greenspan and is an Advanced Certified DIR Provider. She has experience working with children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Kelly’s Chinese-American background has allowed her to connect with our diverse clients in a more intimate manner. In 2009, Kelly joined our team as a direct service provider. In 2013, she assumed the post of Clinical Coordinator. Kelly oversees the DIR/Floortime and Behavior Program, providing clinical support to Case Managers. One of Kelly’s accomplishments at CBC is the development of the parent education curriculum used in the Floortime Program.  The curriculum is inspired by her strong conviction that educating, supporting and empowering parents are critical factors for success.  Via the curriculum, parents are involved by participating directly in their child’s sessions and have the opportunity to attend the monthly, educational workshops held at our center. Kelly also uses her creativity to develop monthly, curriculum themes that have real-life application. These themes incorporate major holidays and other special events to prepare clients when these occur outside of session.  Kelly has a high standard of services and conducts on-going program review and development.

Hugo is the Clinical Coordinator for the ABA program for CBC Education. He is a graduate of California State University of Long Beach (CSULB) and obtained a B.A. in Education and a Master’s in Creative Writing from CSULB. He also obtained a Graduate Study Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis after completing the ABA program at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). After which, he earned his BCaBA certification (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst). He has worked with diverse families practicing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2004, in the home and clinical settings with Familias First.  Hugo has worked in the capacity of Behavior Specialist, Case Manager, administrator, and now Clinical Coordinator. He has practiced ABA under the direction and supervision of BCBAs with participation in direct services, behavior assessments (FBAs) and with clinical and administrative needs specific to various clients and families.  In January 2017, he transitioned to the ABA program at CBC Education, and he looks forward to helping families and clients achieve their goal and better maximize their potential! Hugo is committed to maintaining the ABA skills of the Behavior Specialists at CBC at a high standard and to the ongoing improvement of services for the ABA clients at CBC Education.

Our direct service staff

CBC employs individuals who possess a Bachelor’s degree or are near completion of one.  Our company is committed to employing qualified individuals.  This commitment begins with our company’s decision to hire only individuals who pass strict background checks, and it continues with the quality training staff receives before they see our clients.  Upon completion of company training, our staff is certified in the areas of CPR, First Aid, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).  Our company has a built-in support system for staff; whereby, we utilize the experience from a Mentor or Lead Therapist to guide new employees.  CBC employs diverse staff that matches the diversity of the clients we serve.  Over 90% of our staff is fluent in the Cantonese, Mandarin or Spanish.


Are you interested in being in a career that makes a positive difference in others’ lives?  If you are, become part of the CBC family. We are currently looking for qualified applicants interested in working with our clients, while sharpening their professional skills.